Yesterday, I signed the contract for the second book in my Ebony Nights series.


The title is In Production, and it’s the story of two television producers who find their way to happy for now with a little help from a male escort.

Huh? How?

Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out.

But I can say that the book features one hunky Italian who likes it rough and one black guy who has hundreds of sexual tricks up his sleeves.

Oh, and Marie. Lucky, lucky Marie.



Introducing…Drumroll, Please…In Production! — 4 Comments

    • Thanks, Taryn!

      The television stuff is based on my own on-set observations, conversations with a good friend who was in television for a long time, and lots of episodes of Oprah: Behind the Scenes. 😛

      Oh, and if you’ve ever been to Chicago, you’ll immediately recognize the tv station I drew my inspiration from.

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