I now have an official blurb for Advertising for Love and an enticing excerpt to share with you! Check it out under the Books link.

And just so we don’t all forget, here’s Greg and Aisha in all their hot-n-heavy glory:

Advertising For Love


Ok. Moving on . . .


What’s Elisabeth Up To Now?

I sent off final line edits for Advertising yesterday, and I expect to get the ARC tomorrow. *squee!*

As you know from my blog post, In Production has been contracted, and it has a release date of March 19, 2013. With a date being so close to St. Patrick’s Day, I’m warning you in advance that I will be making lots of “Gettin’ Lucky” jokes around release time because I’m juvenile like that. :-P

While I wait to go into first pass edits with In Production, I’m putting a spit-polish on Corporate Merger, the third book in the Ebony Nights series. This one is very different from the other two, and it was the most fun to write. That’s all I’ll say about it for now! :-D


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