I can finally share this with you. Introducing the cover for Advertising for Love. Drumroll please . . .

Advertising For Love

It’s so beautiful.

Contemporary multicultural erotic romance coming to an e-reader near you on December 11, 2012


What’s Elisabeth Up To Now?

Second-pass edits!

Now it’s time to wordsmith Advertising for Love. This means that I’m going through the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb and checking to make sure that each sentence is as strong as it can be both in word choice and in meaning. I know this sounds tedious, but I actually enjoy it. I feel like I’m putting a spit-polish on everything and trying to make it gleam as brightly as possible. For me, editing works a different part of the brain than drafting, and I get to focus on the micro instead of the macro level. If I get tired of this kind of editing, I can always return to one of my other works in progress, which haven’t yet reaching this point in the process.

Speaking of, I’m still sexy-ing up my Italian. I had two scenes to rewrite, and I’ve done one of them. The second one will be more complicated, so I’ll tackle that once I’ve returned Advertising for Love back to my editor. I’ll need to clear some mental space before trying to make that Italian man behave (or not behave–hee!) exactly as I want him to!


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