This week’s snippet is another moment from Advertising for Love

Aisha knows that she can purchase a little after-hours “entertainment” if she so chooses. The idea of paying a man for sex, however, makes her a little nervous. But Greg . . . oh, Greg . . . makes her reconsider her reservations:

Aisha could feel the warmth from his hand resting on her thigh. She had the urge to take it and guide it upward to between her legs. She could feel herself growing wet as she looked at him. His brown eyes, full lips, perfect smile, smooth skin—everything about him radiated intelligent, sexy confidence. Greg read the expression on her face. He raised one eyebrow slightly and slowly moved his hand up her leg.

Oh, no! What’s a girl to do? Will Aisha stop Greg’s advances? Or will his hand continue its upwards journey? Perhaps you will find out next week. 😉

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