This is my first time participating in Six Sentence Sunday. So, yay! And also, please forgive any newbie mistakes I may make. These sentences are from my upcoming novella, Advertising for Love (Samhain, December 2012), which is the first in a series that centers on an all-male escort agency and the women who hire their services.

Quick setup: Aisha Anderson is a high-powered advertising executive who hires Greg Williams to escort her to her company’s gala. In the lobby of the hotel, Aisha waits for him to arrive. She’s nervous and has no idea what he looks like or what to expect.

Six sentences:

She turned and came face-to-face with sparkling brown eyes and a perfect smile. “Greg?” Aisha’s butterflies immediately disappeared. His skin was rich and brown, the color of milk chocolate, and his hair was close cut and neat. She was thrilled to see he was on the upper end of her height preference and towered over her despite the fact that she was wearing heels. Dressed in a formal tux, Greg looked like he belonged at the party and would fit right in.

Voila! Six sentences. Next week, the chemistry heats up between Aisha and Greg, and she wonders what kinds of “extras” her money can buy.


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