Have you ever been walking around town and caught snippets of conversation as you pass by?  Here are a couple that caught my attention and merited some recording.


Male Student: If I wanna spit, then I’m gonna spit.
Female Student: Spitting is a disgusting habit.
Male Student: No, it’s not.  That’s your opinion.  Do you know how many people spit?  I bet this whole school is covered in spit.
Female Student: That’s still disgusting.


Male #1:  Man, I saw that Katy Perry video where she’s naked on the clouds.
Male #2: Yeah?
M #1: Yeah, man. I love that video.  I could watch it over and over.
M #2: Dude, why don’t you just watch porn?
M #1: Because it wouldn’t be Katy Perry, man!


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