Ok, so I know that Shaw is not the most contemporary of playwrights, but I recently had a conversation with someone about the “nerdy girl to prom queen” trope, and I’m sorry, but no one did it better than Shaw.  And I’m not talking about My Fair Lady, which was all kinds of fabulousness it its own right, but since I’m a purest, I’m taking it all the way back to Pygmalion.  It’s genius.  It’s funny.  It’s socially insightful.  And the dialogue just sings. 

The 1938 movie version, which was adapted by Shaw himself, stars Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller in brilliant performances.  Instead of transcribing one of my favorite scenes from the play, here is that scene from the movie.  In order to fully appreciate the hilariousness of one of the lines, remember that in American English, bloody = the “F” word.  Enjoy!



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