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Ready for something a little different and a whole lotta steamy? Derrick from Corporate Merger returns, but this time, he’s joined by his boyfriend, Andre. Derrick and Andre are hired by Carla, who’s looking for something different . . . something she’ll remember. Will Derrick and Andre give her an evening she won’t forget?

Warning: This in an MMF menage, meaning that it’s a body part free-for-all: boys touch the girl, girl touches the boys, and boys touch each other. 😉

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She’s the one they’ve waited for. But they may have waited too long…

Ebony Nights, Book 4

Carla Dabrowski thought a kinky affair with her boss would provide the thrill she’s been missing. What a mistake. Not only is her desperately needed factory job at his mercy, she’s still got a lonely hole in the middle of her life.

That’s when a friend pushes a black business card into her hand, and Carla finds herself opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities—courtesy of two hunky, handsome escorts.

It was just another job for Derrick and Andre. But the moment they enter the darkened home that once belonged to Carla’s parents, they feel a powerful emotional pull. Unfortunately, the guys know the cardinal rule of escorts. Keep it strictly business—or risk losing the job that pays the bills, but lately has left them questioning their lives and futures.

As the three of them dance around the edge of commitment, only one thing holds them back. Fear. Until one brutal encounter with the past threatens to destroy all hope of a happily ever after times three.

Product Warnings

Contains two close-to-retirement-age professional escorts (Yeah, like 30? That’s old…), and a melancholy redhead with a longing for something sweet, dark, and chocolaty.


Read an excerpt from Bittersweet here!



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