Edits for In Production!

I just sent first pass edits back to my editor. There were a few revisions that I had to make content-wise, but what was most interesting to me is how a couple of months off from a project can really give you a new perspective on it. After being away for so long and working on two (!) projects since then, it was like reading the manuscript over for the first time. It was a strange experience because I flip-flopped between thinking, “Wow! I wrote that?” and “Wow. I wrotethat?” **hit delete button**

This is why the revision process is so necessary, particularly after putting a project down for a while. It gives us a fresh perspective and ultimately helps us to create a stronger project in the end.


On another note, please add Advertising For Love to your To-Be-Read pile for December. It can be found here at Goodreads!


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