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I was searching the ‘net looking for random bits of information I could use in an exercise to help improve writing skills (no, really!), and I came across this article from that assigns each of the seven deadly sins to seven US cities.  My beloved hometown made the list.  We, ladies and gentlemen, are gluttony. *sniff* I’m so proud. 

According to The Daily Meal, Chicago’s 3,500 fast food joints, nearly 4,000 restaurants and 25.2 percent obesity rate make it the eighth most gluttonous city in America — behind places like Houston, Dallas and Columbus, Ohio.

But don’t be fooled. The preeminence of food-glorious-food (and not just staples like deep-dish pizza, cheesboigahs and Sears Tower-sized ribs, but everything else) in the former “slaughterhouse to the world” and current home of the world’s largest food festival (among a turnstile of others including two separate Armenian food fairs) remains unrivaled.

Sure, New York may have a few more Serbian restaurants. San Francisco may sport more foodie attitude.

But would either of those cities shed real tears after last year’s closing of the Mercantile Exchange’s vaunted pork belly futures market? Or have the cojones to launch a hit new food event called “Baconfest” that sold out within five minutes?

We think not.


I can’t argue.  Seriously.  I love food.  All my friends and family members love food.  We love to go out to different restaurants and talk about the food that we are eating and how it compares to food that we ate yesterday and how tomorrow’s food might be better or worse than the food from two weeks ago.  If I am harboring any anger toward the article, it’s because I am now aware that there was an event called Baconfest, AND I MISSED IT!!



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