I have decided to begin a new series of posts called “Yes, Please.”  This series is devoted to expressing my appreciation for certain gentlemen.  There is only one criteria for the men I am paying homage to–upon seeing them, I am moved to utter the phrase, “Yes, please.”  As in, “damn, he is fine” as in “why don’t you just go ahead and take that off” as in “why are you standing all the way over there?”

So my first candidate for “Yes, Please” is Craig David.  I know, weird right?  But here’s what happened.  I was listening to Pandora, and one of his songs came on.  I had a “Hey, what ever happened to him?” moment followed by the thought, “Didn’t he used to be cute?”  So, thanks in no small part to the world of Google, I looked him up.  Here’s the Craig David that I remember from back in the day:


Cute, right?


And remember that he’s an Afro-Brit, so the accent makes him extra yummy.  But those pics were from about 10 years ago, so of course, I had to find out how he had aged:


Hm.  That’s not bad. 

Then I found this:


Um, yeah.  Craig, if you could just . . . I need you to . . . Hold on a sec because I want you to take . . .

Or simply–

Yes, please.


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